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We Provide Enterprise Level
Wireless BuyBack Solutions

Partner with Bulk BuyBack to maximize residual value management, enhance your environmental credibility and increase your bottom line all at the same time.

Easy To Use

Dedicated Account Rep

Secure Data Removal

Convenient Payment

Running your business is enough work, so why add to it?

All Bulk BuyBack orders come standard with Instant Quotes, Free Shipping and Fast Payment. Simply submit a quote and our trained professionals handle everything else for you.

Easy To Use

We look forward to helping your company get started with Bulk BuyBack. Simply contact us by phone, e-mail, or fill out our online contact form. A Bulk BuyBack representative will be happy to speak with you further about our program and the ways in which we can assist you with your wireless recycling and data protection needs.

For your own reference, here are some of the highlights of our Bulk BuyBack Program:

  • Dedicated account rep
  • Shipping choice between USPS and FedEx
  • Payment choice between check and PayPal
  • Full order reconciliation down to the IMEI level sent in both PDF and CSV (filterable) formats

Not sure how the process works?

Not sure how the process works or what the value should be for a particular device? We value your business and assign a dedicated account rep to provide complete end-to-end management of your company's devices so no question goes unanswered.

Dedicated Account Rep

The Bulk BuyBack process was designed to be as seamless and hands-off for you as possible so a large component of that approach are our pro-active account reps. Every order is assigned a dedicated account rep so you get real answers from a real human in real time. We think this should be standard practice for all corporate clientele and enterprise solutions, but in the meantime we'll settle for providing real Enterprise Level Wireless BuyBack Solutions to the wireless industry. Seem strange to deal with a real company? Get used to it, we're just getting started!

Security, compliance, and privacy

The protection and integrity of our customer's confidential information is our highest priority. Bulk BuyBack offers secure data removal for all devices and is compliant with world-class industry standards so you can rest assure that your data is protected.

Secure Data Removal

Your company's confidential data should remain just that confidential. To ensure that, Bulk BuyBack adheres to the most comprehensive and stringent data protection services in the industry. All of our employees are screened prior to employment and are highly trained mobile technicians. Additionally, our facilities are under constant video surveillance with limited access to inventory.

Every single device that we receive is wiped both manually and with automated software back to their original factory settings using Department of Defense scrubbing standards to assure your data is safe. Additionally, all SIM cards and external memory cards are immediately removed and shredded upon entering our facilities.

To provide you with the peace of mind that your devices are handled in a secure manner, we record every item down to the IMEI and/or Serial Number level to ensure that every device we receive is accounted for and detail this in our end-user QC Report in both PDF and CSV formats.

Check or PayPal, you choose

Whatever your payment preference, we make sure it arrives quickly. Checks are sent with tracking so you can track your payment from our facilities to yours and PayPal deposits the funds directly into your PayPal account for instant access.

Convenient Payment

Bulk BuyBack empowers businesses of all sizes to reduce their obsolete devices by providing financial incentives for your old technology so that your company can upgrade your mobile hardware on a more frequent basis and stay up to date with the latest technology trends. Payments are facilitated through convenient and fully accountable payout methods such as checks sent with tracking or direct deposits through PayPal. We help your business do more by providing payment in a timely fashion so that you can remain focused on your business while we focus on the buyback aspect of the business.

Ready To Get Your Company Started?

Please fill out the form below to receive a no-obligation buyback estimate for your devices or request more information about our services.

What Makes The BulkBuyBack Process Different?

Bulk BuyBack was invented with the corporate client in mind. After watching our retail trade-in business flourish under BuyBackWorld, we knew we had to offer a larger scale version in order to better serve our corporate clients.